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Which Natural Oils Are Good For Your Skin?


Which natural oils are good for your skin and what do they do? 

One of the side effects of having severe allergies is extreme dry skin.  Allergy medicine is an antihistamine and causes dryness throughout the body. This affects your skin as well.  I didn’t realize allergy meds was the cause of my extreme dry skin until well into my adult years. Taking medicine for my allergies is a permanent fixture in my life, so I needed to address my dry skin issue. 

For years, I have suffered from dry skin.  Like other dry skin sufferers, I have tried every product on the market that focuses on relieving dry skin. The products would work at first, but after 1 or 2 hours, I would be dry again.   I’ve never really been into natural oils because I didn’t like the way they smelled.  I’m not a big fan of natural smells.

When I decided to start my natural skincare journey, I realized my skin was reacting positively to natural oils and my skin would stay hydrated and smooth for days, without feeling oily. I added a little fragrance oil, and my perfect dry skin solution was born!  My skin feels so hydrated and soft, I wanted to know why these oils were beneficial for my skin. 

I researched and found that most (not all) natural oils are great for excessive dry skin. Most oils have high amounts of linoleic and oleic acid (fatty acids) which are less comedogenic and less likely to clog pores.1

A few oils high in fatty acids are: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to start. For a complete list of oils high in fatty acids, click here.  The oils best for dry skin is coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, marula oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.  These oils have high levels of oleic acid and makes the oil thicker, more luxuriant and easily traps in moisture.

So, I thought, ‘I should share this with others who may be experiencing the same problem.’  I experimented with various oils and a few superstars emerged as super oils for my skin. I choose 6 natural oils to be combined into one awesome, moisture-rich body oil!  Remember when I mentioned earlier that I do not like the smell of natural oils?  Well, I experimented with different fragrance oils and 3 proved to be my best sellers!  I love soft, delicate scents and spicy, heavier fragrances.  Pillows (powder scent), Lush Cashmere (vanilla, tonka, cocoa butter), and Orchids (light musk, sandalwood, jasmine).

Using these oils on my skin on a regular bases elevated my skin texture to healthy, soft, and smooth.  I realized that body oil may not always be needed, so I turned to creating a body cream containing the same natural, healing properties. Was I successful?

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