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Yoni Detox Bomb

Yoni Detox Bomb

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100% Organic herbal bath bombs specifically created to support Yoni health. Created with 14 different all natural and organic herbs aimed at supporting feminine health. Yoni steam herbs are well known for their support of healthy feminine hygiene and cleansing benefits. Now these benefits are available in a bath bomb.

The Yoni bomb helps to reduce vaginal odor, menstrual bloating and cramps, assists in maintaining a healthy vagina pH balance, and post-menstrual cycle refreshment. 

Ingredients used to create the ultimate bathing experience includes: Citric Acid, Aluminum-free Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch, Shea Butter, Cocoa Seed Butter, Essential oil, Plantain, Rosemary, Yarrow Leaf, Calendula Flower, Red Rose Petals, Mugwort, Red Raspberries, and Motherwort. 

Luxuriously scented with red rose petals that also adds a silky softness to your bath water. Working in harmony with the rose petals, the shea butter and coco seed butters will provide the ultimate moisturization for your skin.  14 different organic Yoni Steam herbs were used in creating these bath bombs specifically for your yoni.

HOW TO USE – Drop a yoni bath bomb in the tub, let it dissolve for 5-10 minutes, then soak for about 20-30 minutes. For best results, use 2-3 times every week.

Our Yoni steam herbal bath bombs are made from 100% all-natural, quality organic herbs. Created to support feminine health and natural cleansing.

Scent: Red Rose Petals. Each piece weight: 100g/3.5oz.
Package Includes: (1) Yoni Bath Bomb.

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