• Allergic To What?!

    Allergic To What?!
    Everyone wants to make their own version of body butters, sugar scrubs, skincare, and candles.  All the things I want to offer in my store!  As beautiful and decadent many of these products are, for me, it’s a matter of health safety.  You see…..I have severe allergies.....to everything! 
  • A New Journey!

    A New Journey!
    February 2022 Hello there! As stated in my ‘about us’ page, Moniluxx Boutique has been a dream of mine for more than 10 years.  I don’t know where I came up with the idea to open a online boutique offering organic, natural and responsibly sourced products.  I guess because I know how incredibly important it is to me to feel pampered, have soft, silky skin, and to smell very good.  I can have a bad day and once I take the time to perform some selfcare, it makes me feel like a new woman.  So, I...
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