• Which Natural Oils Are Good For Your Skin?

    Which Natural Oils Are Good For Your Skin?
    One of the side effects of having severe allergies is extreme dry skin.  Allergy medicine is an antihistamine and causes dryness throughout the body. This affects your skin as well.  I didn’t realize allergy meds was the cause of my extreme dry skin until well into my adult years. Taking medicine for my allergies is a permanent fixture in my life, so I needed to address my dry skin issue. 
  • The Benefits Of Natural Skincare

    The Benefits Of Natural Skincare
    Fourth quarter is in full swing and biting arctic weather is blowing in from Canada.💨 This cold, dry weather irritates and inflames dry, eczema-prone skin. The first thing we think of are lotions or creams that will help to alleviate the itchy symptoms.  In the previous blog, I explained the difference between organic and natural skincare.  If you do not have allergies to natural herbs or grasses; organic skincare is the perfect solution to your eczema problems.  But if you have allergies to natural herbs and grasses, like I do, I have found that natural is...
  • What Is Natural Skincare?

    In my previous blog post, I stated that I have environmental and food allergies, yet, I use natural skincare products created with organic ingredients.  Sounds like an oxymoron, right?!  😊  Natural skincare is actually better for your skin than skincare products created with harmful chemicals.  How so, you may ask?   First, let’s define what is considered natural and what isn’t.
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