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100% Natural Body Oils

Our body oil blend is made from 6 premium natural skin care oils that are nourishing, moisturizing and have good lubricity. Includes sunflower oil that has anti-inflammatory properties that help lower skin redness and roughness. Add in Sweet Almond and Vitamin E oils and you have a powerhouse of skin-loving goodness!

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Moniluxx Boutique

Yoni Detox Bath Bomb

100% organic herbal bath bombs specifically created to support Yoni health. Created with 14 different all natural and organic herbs, Yoni steam herbs are well known for their support of healthy feminine hygiene and cleansing benefits. Luxuriously scented with red rose petals. Now these benefits are available in a bath bomb.

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Moniluxx Boutique

Foaming Sugar Scrubs

This delightful scrub is more than just a treat for your senses; it's a powerhouse that cleanses, exfoliates, and lavishes your skin with moisture. Infused with shea butter oil and an array of skin-loving vitamins, it's your essential companion for cooler weather. Embrace the autumnal air while keeping your skin irresistibly soft and radiant.

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After working all day in a oily warehouse, their products deep cleans my skin body oils provides extreme moisture to my super dry skin. Their scents from the masculine line are the best!

James S.

I am in love with this product! There is no sticky feeling after applying the Island Coconut butter. The Scrub and Butter are super moisturizing and stays with you all day!

Another great find at Moniluxx Boutique!

Shawn A.

Moniluxx Boutique body oils are by far the best body oils I have tried! My skin has never felt so moisturized....not to mention the scent! I get compliments on a daily basis on how good I smell! I am a man and their scents for men are the best!

Te' Laurent

I love the Gold Shimmer Moisturizing Oil! It adds just the right amount of glam!

Ann S.

I received compliments all day on how good the Palo Santo Body Butter smells! It makes your skin feel so soft!

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