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5oz Body Mist - Amber Nights

5oz Body Mist - Amber Nights

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*For A Limited Time*  Introducing Amber Nights Body Mist Spray, a luxurious fragrance experience inspired by the opulent essence of Baccarat Rouge 540®. This exquisite body mist is designed for those who seek to envelop themselves in the allure of sophistication and luxury, capturing the essence of one of the world's most coveted fragrances in a light and refreshing mist.

Crafted with notes that mirror the complexity and richness of Baccarat Rouge 540®, Amber Nights unfolds with a harmonious blend of jasmine, saffron, and amberwood, enveloped in the warmth of cedarwood. This intricate composition creates a scent that is at once captivating and comforting, offering a unique balance of floral and woody notes.

Amber Nights Body Mist Spray is the perfect accessory for any occasion, offering a subtle yet profound fragrance experience. Its light formulation allows for a refreshing spritz that can be applied throughout the day, leaving your skin delicately fragranced with the luxurious scent of amber and exotic spices. Ideal for layering or wearing alone, this mist provides a versatile and long-lasting aroma that complements any mood or setting.

Elevate your fragrance wardrobe with Amber Nights Body Mist Spray, inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540®. Experience the luxury of a world-renowned scent in a new, effortlessly chic form, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Size: 5oz.

Fragrance: Amber Nights. Pair with our Amber Nights Body Oil to layer for an long lasting fragrance. 

Ingredients:  SD Alcohol 40, deionized water, butylene glycol, glycerin, fragrance

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