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You Might Want to Avoid DIY Skincare Products If You Have Allergies

February 20, 2022

So where were we?  Ahhh….Yes!  I was preparing to talk about my products on Moniluxx 😊. Before we start, drop by Moniluxx and grab your favorite mug or throw blanket, settle down, and join me on my journey of self-discovery, growth, joys, and pains. 

Ready?....Let’s Go!

There are so many organic, handmade skin care products in the market nowadays.  Everyone wants to make their own version of body butters, sugar scrubs, skincare, and candles.  All the things I want to offer in my store!  As beautiful and decadent many of these products are, for me, it’s a matter of health safety.  You see…..I have severe allergies.  I’ve always had Hayfever seasonal allergies since I was a child.  In my adulthood, upon moving to a southern state, my allergies exploded into being allergic to everything; all the time.  Having been skin tested by several allergist specialist over the years, they all came back with the same results, same allergies.  Usually, a few more are added on each year! 🥴.

So, it is very important that I am careful of not only what I ingest, but what I place on my skin. Now… allergies are not what you are thinking.  I have allergic reactions to all things grown in nature!  Mostly, grasses, trees, pollen, flowers….anything naturally green in color or that pollinates. This includes food as well.  Everything that I ingest or apply on my skin has to be processed in some form or another. I know, unbelievable, right?  But it’s very true.  So, you ask, how in the world are you using and offering organic, natural skincare products


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