What Is Natural Skincare?


In my previous blog post, I stated that I have environmental and food allergies, yet, I use natural skincare products created with organic ingredients.  Sounds like an oxymoron, right?!  😊 

Natural skincare is actually better for your skin than skincare products created with harmful chemicals.  How so, you may ask?   First, let’s define what is considered natural and what isn’t.

The term natural refers to the process in which something was manufactured or the origin of the ingredient.  A label stating hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin does not make it natural.  For example, olive oil extracted from olives without adding any synthetic chemicals would be considered a natural product. Ingredients solely created in a lab is not considered a natural ingredient or product.

Benefits of natural ingredients are: 1. They are better for the environment because they are naturally already a part of the environment, 2. They have fewer side effects than their synthetic counterparts, and 3. Are much better for sensitive skin.  I have found that although I have many environmental and food allergies, bath and body products created with natural ingredients such as shea butters, 100% natural oils, and soothing herbs creates a soothing, healthy barrier against the environment, therefore protecting my skin.

I have found this article stating the difference between natural and organic to be helpful.

*Disclaimer: Ingredients that I am severely allergic to I do not use in any form.  You should always do a test patch when trying any new products.  

Although I have severe allergies, I have found natural skincare to ultimately perform better for my skincare needs. Finding actual natural bath and body products is not as easy as it sounds.  Ingredients are often added that are harmful or irritants to your skin. 

’How can you tell which products are good for your skin?’   Well……..

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