Benefits Of Natural Skincare

The Benefits Of Natural Skincare

Fourth quarter is in full swing and biting arctic weather is blowing in from Canada.💨 This cold, dry weather irritates and inflames dry, eczema-prone skin. The first thing we think of are lotions or creams that will help to alleviate the itchy symptoms.  In the previous blog, I explained the difference between organic and natural skincare.  If you do not have allergies to natural herbs or grasses; organic skincare is the perfect solution to your eczema problems.  But if you have allergies to natural herbs and grasses, like I do, I have found that natural is a much better option.  The term natural is characterized as using raw ingredients from nature.  For skincare to be considered natural, the product must contain at least 70% of natural substances without the use of manufacturing processes.1 The remaining ingredients can include fragrances, preservatives, or water and the product can still be classified as natural.

The term ‘natural skincare’ has been the center of debates for years.  But its benefits are still pretty impressive. Natural skincare is very effective in soothing dry, eczema-prone skin and providing relief and much needed moisture to help retain the skins elasticity and health.

Shea butter has been the champion in recent years in providing superior moisture and healing properties for problem skin. 

 Here are five of the biggest shea butter benefits for your skin.

  • boosts skin moisture. ...
  • anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin problems. ...
  • helps to heal cuts and scrapes. ...
  • helps fight breakouts. ...
  • contains antioxidants that indicate anti-aging properties.2

If you add in natural oils such as vitamin E and rosehips oils, you have a natural powerhouse of antioxidants working to protect your skin from the environment, deliver non-stop moisture, and provide much needed vitamins. 

I must admit this topic intrigues me.  Especially, because I have severe allergies.  Authentic organic skincare causes severe allergic reactions, whereas natural skincare is perfect for me.

Therefore, Moniluxx Boutique was born. I have spent a lot of money searching for quality skincare that soothes my skin.  Finally, I decided to create my own and find suppliers who could create natural body butters, body creams, bath bombs, oils and scrubs in larger quantities.  Natural skincare that revitalizes and promotes healthy skin while resulting in moisture-rich, soft skin is my passion, and a necessity.

Butters & creams are heavy hitters for superior moisture, but my favorites are my body oils.  Which natural oils are good for your skin and what do they do? 

Till next time….🤭


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